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Le Vasa is always looking for opportunities to collaborate with other NGO's, local government and/or federal agencies for the betterment of our community.  Our current projects include: 1) Native Samoan Farmers Initiative 2) Marine Derbis Removal & Prevention Program, 3) Le Vasa Outrigger Canoe Club,  4) Traditional Polynesian Voyaging Resurgence Program, and our newest program Digital Inclusion.


Le Vasa also offers consulting services to organizations who require local support in areas where shared interests or goals exist.  Our experienced and qualified project management team has a unique blend of professional services experience and knowledge of local Samoan customs and culture.  This combination allows us to operate effectively & efficiently in pursuit of executing successful projects with on-time delivery.

Native Samoan Farmers Initiative

Promoting sustainable farming practices to provide economic opportunities for the Samoan farming and fishing community.

Traditional Polynesian Voyaging

Traditional Polynesian Voyaging and wayfinding has all but disappeared in American Samoa, leaving a crucial part of our heritage in jeopardy of diappearing forever..

Marine Debris

Marine debris continues to be a large problem in American Samoa, causing damages to our reef system, killing marine life, and polluting our shorelines. 

Girl with Laptop
Digital Inclusion

The internet in many ways is the new "Vasa" - it connects us all.  But there are still many people across American Samoa who do not have access to the resources that are now available via modern high speed internet.

Le Vasa Outrigger Canoe Club

Le Vasa Outrigger Canoe Club was created to help further develop the sport, to promote health & fitness, and to re-connect our people to the ocean.

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