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South Pacific Watersports & Fitness is located on Utluei Beach, American Samoa.  SPW sits adjacent to DDW Beach Cafe and now brings watersports back to the beach with a new emphasis on health & fitness.  Our recent remodle has greatly improved the facility and our location (right on the beach!) gives us a great opportunity to blend fitness with watersports. 



SPW is centrally located on Utulei Beach and faces  the world famous Rainmaker Mountain.  This million dollar view is more than just breathtaking, it is inspiring and will help you dig deep to grab hold of the motivation you'll need to push a little harder.


SPW is a short 5 minute walk from Sadie's by the Sea hotel and a 10 minute walk from the Port of Pago Pago where cruise ships dock.


SPW is not a gym.  You will not find weight lifting machines or bulky and complicated equipment.  Instead, we embrace a minimalist approach to fitness and emphasize group-work & camaraderie to help us all achieve our fitness goals.  Our facility is equipped with Concept 2 rowing machines, TRX Suspension Trainers, pull-up bars, squat rack, plyo boxes, dumbbells, medicine balls, speed ropes,  kettle bells, water sports equipment and more.



Health Bar

To truly achieve your fitness goals, a healthy lifestyle is a must.  Your wellness is not a part time job, it is a full time commitment!  To help you better achieve your goals, SPW features a health bar offering healthy meal supplements, smoothies, salads, equipment and other accessories to help you along your journey to a healthy lifestyle.



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