Mt. Alava Hike
WWII heritage Trail Ridge Hike

This hike begins at South Pacific Watersports on Utulei Beach.  After a 5-minute brisk walk towards Blunt’s Point, we will begin the ascent up the mountain trail until we reach the first lower gun mount.  After a brief rest for photos, we will continue on towards the upper gun mount and then into the tropical rainforest atop the Gataivai/Utulei Ridge. 


We will follow a well-cleared trail through our tropical rainforest marked with native vegetation and wildlife.  Atop the ridge, you will encounter several WWII landmarks, which include old foundations of US Navy offices and barracks.  You will also see numerous foxholes for fighting positions dug into the ridge, gun emplacments and remains of WWII cable rail systems.  You will also see an ancient Samoan starmound along the way, which was used for the ritual Samoan “sport” of pigeon-catching. 


Our local guide will share details about WWII, including the overnight military buildup that began only 30 days after Pearl Harbor, as well as the impacts this had on the Samoan people and their way of life.


The hike off the ridge will end at the historic Tramway site where you will enjoy panoramic views of the harbor.  Your guide will discuss the historical backgrounds of many of the significant points of interest.  After an opportunity to take it all in, we will hike back down into Utulei village, make our way past the ASG Executive Office Building where world-renouned artist Wyland’s mural is painted and conclude our hike at the Samoan faletele or guesthouse.


Level of Difficulty:  MEDIUM

Time:  2  hours

This hike is one of the more difficult hikes on island, but the pay-off at the to of Mt. Alava is worth every bead of sweat!  This hike begins at the trailhead at Fagasa Pass and takes you along ridgelines with views of the north and central parts of the

national park and island.  Enjoy hiking through a tropical Samoan rainforest with fruit bats and many types of birds. Along the trail you’ll see the park’s efforts to remove invasive trees and plant native species.  Great views of the

northwest side of the island along the way lead you to

panoramics of the central areas of Tutuila Island.  At the summit, you will see the remnants of the once iconic aerial tramway, which was originally built in the early 1960's in support of Education Television, one of the first if not the first efforts to use distance learning to reach the most remote populations.


Level of Difficulty:  STRENUOUS

Time:  4 - 5 hours


Touring the world famous Pago Pago harbor by outrigger canoe is the only way to go!  The tour begins at Utulei Beach and heads straight out of the mouth of the harbor.  From there, you can see the island of Aunu'u to the east.  You will also be able to see the breathtaking views of Rainmaker and Matafao mountains.  Your steersman will then bring you back into the harbor, taking you past towering Mt. Pioa and all the way into the village of Pago Pago.  On the return to Utulei Beach, you will see the Malaloa marina, Fagatogo marketplace and other points of interest. 


Level of Difficulty:  MEDIUM

Time: 2 hours


Outrigger Canoe Harbor Tour

At SPW, we encourage our clients to live active lifestyles, which means we encourage you to get out of the house and explore our beautiful island paradise!  To help you accomlish this, we have developed a great lineup of Trail Hikes, Eco-Tours, and Paddle Tours.  We also have Heritage Tours, Fa'asamoa Cultural Experience, and many more!  Visit, a division of SPW, for more info on our tours.

Pola Island Tour

This excellent tour begins at the Tuafanua trailhead in the village of Vatia, one of our National Park villages.  We will hike up switchbacks through our lush, tropical rainforest to a hidden coastline.  At the ridge-top, you will enjoy ocean views before a steep descent on several ladders with ropes to a quiet, rocky beach.  We'll then hike up the coastline to get an up-close view of Pola Island, one of American Samoa's national natural landmarks.


Level of Difficulty: MEDIUM

Time:  2 hours

One of the best kept secrets in all of American Samoa is Aunu'u.  This tour begins with a 30-minute drive from town out to Auasi Harbor.  You will get to see many scenic beaches and villages on the way, many of which remain reasonably undeveloped.  After a short 15-minute boatride on a local fishing boat (or alia) across the channel, we begin our hike on foot.  You will see incredible shorelines, lush tropical rainforest, world-famous Aunu'u taro plantations, a freshwater crater, quicksand and more.  If you're lucky, you may spot the Pacific black duck which is said to be extinct in the region.  Another noteworthy bird that can only be seen here is the Purple Swamphen. 


Level of Difficulty:  Medium

Time:  3 - 4 hours


Aunuu Island Tour

"On behalf of NPCA, Andrew and the rest of the PII staff, I wanted to send you a HUGE THANK YOU for all of your coordination efforts to assist our group with...well...pretty much everything!!!  From food, to transportation to being our subject matter expert tour guide and everything in between, we thank you! You have done so much to assist and support us with the logistics in American Samoa. You allowed our participants to have an unforgettable and unique experience that not many others get."  - Taylor Auyoung Pacific Island Institute

Off the Beaten Path tour November 2014

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